Dipl. Ing. Edgar Hoffmann

Author graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. He has excellent knowledge in mathematics, physics, engineering, materials, nuclear physics, but especially electrical engineering specializing in automation. He worked in Tatra Kopřivnice and BMW in Munich. The beginning of computers in the 70s devoted themselves to their demanding maintenance, from Soviet stamps. Minsk to the largest PCs in the RVHP. He also organized IBM Servers in Slovakia. He supplied modems for creating the first network connections of bank computing systems Bratislava – Košice – Žilina. Later, he participated in the development of digital networks and fiber optic communications with a focus on Siemens measuring technology. He also acted as an expert in the field of Electrical Engineering, Systems and Computing.
After completing his active career at the Telecommunications Office of the Slovak Republic as Director of the Department of Telecommunications and Information Technology, he was intensively engaged in thinking about what would be the most important social achievement and the greatest impact on the whole community. He has come to the view that it is now just the discovery, acquisition and exploitation of mineral wealth and heat of incalculable value and quantity from the depths of the earth! He went to study mining, which did not give him the necessary inspiration. It had to be considered completely different. That is why he often hated the rejection of the type: “it does not do that”. Edgar Hoffmann speaks in Slovak, German and Russian language.