We have technical solutions for a complex device that allows us to create holes in the ground of various diameters and depths with robotic handling. Some of them are registered at the Office of Industrial Property of the SR, others are being prepared. Their combination is the basis of a comprehensive solution to the Deep Mining System DMS project.
It is a mine mining pit deep over 10 km where is a lot of rare minerals and raw materials. After they are emptied, the shaft will allow the classic extraction of geothermal energy from the depths of the earth.
It also offers a type of transformation of geothermal energy into electricity in a clean way. It is a way of extracting geothermal energy utilizing conventional technologies, providing cooling of the shaft with liquid gas at room temperature during the excavation so that the devices do not heat up to 300 ° C gradually. The pressure of the expanded gas is not released without use but is fed to turbines for electricity generation and is used to compensate costs of excavation.
Termination of excavation is defined by the fact that “cooling capacity is no longer sufficient” and the temperature in the shaft is starting to rise strongly above 20 ° C.
At that time, liquid gas cooling would normally cease, and the shaft would be filled with water, which, as a hot superheated steam, would return to where it would normally drive the turbines with the generators of electricity. This would result in cooling towers adversely affecting the environment.
The cold path would be achieved by leaving a liquid gas refrigerant in operation, which would now only produce compressed gas to drive the turbines at temperatures around 20 ° C. The fact that liquid gas generators will remain in operation would certainly put the operation in operation and reduce the yield of the complex. But heat smog would not be produced.
The larger diameter crown drill and the choice of the formed lining and bottom makes it easy to create shafts suitable for the disposal of hazardous waste such as nuclear waste.
A variant in an even larger shaft diameter allows for the construction of completely safe nuclear reactors for nuclear power plants. The solution includes all possible catastrophes, which can occur from technical failures, operator mistakes, various natural disasters to war and sabotage.
The principle is very simple, the reactor is located on the bottom of the shaft with the proper bottom and the walls at a depth of about 500m. The shaft is equipped with a thoughtful system of explosive charges.
In the case of a situation where it is clear that the reactor is irrevocably out of control, by pressing the charge button, the charge bursts and the shaft crashes into itself. This creates a 500m thick sarcophagus over the collapsed reactor.
At similar depths, Safe Nuclear Tests were also conducted in Nevada.
The solution for the safe long-distance transport of liquid gases offers additional, separate applications:
Solution of super-conducting, long-distance power lines.
Supply and cooling of superconducting magnetic coils necessary for levitation paths.
Supply and cooling of energy storage devices in superconducting electromagnets.
If these applications of our original solutions are of interest, we will be glad to present them to the interested parties and we will be glad to cooperate on their implementation.