The basic idea is that God’s gift – the warmth of the earth is sinfully little used. The current extraction of geothermal energy is limited to a few places where accidental conditions are, in the form of low-cost sources, mostly hot water where geological conditions allow. This water is usually interesting from the bathing point of view, so it is mostly used by energy to use the rare sources of curative water.
In addition, after use, surface water is mostly polluted.
The extraction of geothermal energy in the form of dry rock heat from the deep depth of the mentioned negative side does not have to be achievable. It is completely harmless to the environment! Not only does it not produce emissions or other waste, it is the only source of energy, which in principle does not contribute to the warming of the planet, because the energy is not produced here, it only moves from the inside of the planet to its surface!
Achievable will become the application of our technical solution to the robotic system of mining mining shaft to a depth of more than 10 km, where there are many rare raw materials, and the temperature rises by about 30 ° C per km. The proposed technology counters the temperature problem by considering the continuous cooling of the shaft at room temperature with liquid gas. Liquid gas transport, an automatic cooling system, a crown drill that works on the pits, the cogwheel, the robotic trolleys to run on it and other details of the technical solution are subject to the protection of intellectual property. The material is released by controlled explosions and exported by robotic trolleys along a toothed path that is continuously formed and replenished on the floor where the crown drill works.
After the use of useful material, the shaft is used for the extraction of the said dry rock heat.
Also interesting is the revolutionary, technical and economic drilling balance, causing the total cost of drilling with increasing depth to fall! The proposal for a new and not yet used technical solution will bring the money, a prestigious recognition and place in the world. </ H5>
</ span> </ span> </ span> </ span> </ span> Not only is the gain of extracted material and subsequent use of pure high energy geothermal energy through an existing energy complex but mainly from manufacturing and sales of progressive unique technology and export know how of the most advanced mining technologies. After verifying the pilot project, these technologies have a wide range of uses, from mining through ocean bottom mining, shaft digging as hazardous material storage to shafts for fully safe nuclear reactors.
Success can be expected from the knowledge gained from the record-breaking classic exploration well to a similar depth, which was accomplished by the Russian scientist on the Kola peninsula.