We have technical solutions for a complex device that allows us to create holes in the ground of various diameters and depths with robotic handling. Some of them are registered at the Office of Industrial Property of the SR, others are being prepared. Their combination is the basis of a comprehensive solution to the Deep Mining System DMS project. It is a mine mining pit deep over 10 km where is a lot of rare minerals and raw materials. After they are emptied, the shaft will allow the classic extraction of geothermal energy from the depths of the earth.
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The basic idea is that God’s gift – the warmth of the earth is sinfully little used. The current extraction of geothermal energy is limited to a few places where accidental conditions are, in the form of low-intensity sources, mostly hot water where geological conditions allow. This water is mostly interesting for the spa industry, therefore it is pity to use this water for energetic. In addition, after use, surface water is mostly polluted with this water.
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About inventor

Author is expert in the field of informatics. He graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Bratislava. He has good knowledges in mathematics, physics, engineering, materials, atomic physics, but especially in electrotechnics focused on automation. He worked in Tatra Kopřivnice and in BMW in Munich.
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